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Welcome to MARS!

(Math and Reading Support)


Our MARS team works hard for the students of La Vergne Primary. Each person brings valuable teaching strategies and experience to our team and the students. Research has found that a child's primary years of education has more impact on a child's academic progress in the future. We believe that children should have a solid foundation in reading and math built in Kindergarten and First Grade to prepare students for future academic success.  Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.


Heather Sacharczyk

Dr. Heather Sacharczyk

RTI Instructional Coach




Ms. Hooper

Ms. Elizabeth Hooper



Mrs. Jennifer Head

Title I Interventionist


Mrs. White

Mrs. Jennifer White

Title I Interventionist



What is RTI?

Response to intervention RTI is a general education grameowkr that involves research-based instruction and interventions, regular monitoring of student progress, and the subsequent use of these data over time to make educational decisoins. Key to the RTI process si the application of scientifically based interventions that have been demonstrated to work. Simply put, it is a process of systematically documenting the performance of students as evidence of the need for additional services after making changes in classroom instruction.

RTI follows a number of core assumptions:

1. The educational system can effectively teach all children.

2. Early intervention is critical to preventing academic problems from getting worse.

3. The implementation of a multi-tired service delivery model is necessary.

4. A problem solving model should be used to make decisions between tiers.

5. Research based interventions should be implemented to the extent possible. 

6. Progress monitoring must be implemented to inform instruction.

7. Data should drive decision making.



RTI Addresses Five Key Reading Skills

  • Phonemic Awareness – the ability to notice, think about, and work with individual sounds in spoken  words. (Example: what is the last sound you hear in the word CAT)
  • Phonics – an understanding that the written letter represents the sound a letter makes (Example: D- says /d/ as in dog).
  • Fluency – being able to read text correctly and efficiently with appropriate expression.
  • Vocabulary – words we are able to use in speech,  writing, and reading with correct meaning and understanding.
  • Comprehension – the ability to understand the meaning of what is read.


RTI Addresses Six Math Strands
  • Problem solving and reasoning
  • Numbers and operations
  • Algebraic concepts and processes
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data analysis
Our Parent Lending Library
Parent Lending Library
  • The Parent Lending Library will be available at our Sneak Peeks at the 9 weeks and Literacy Nights.
  • Materials will be available for check out for you to take home and use with your child. Please sign them out and sign them back in when you return them.
  • If you would like to check a math or reading out to work with your child at home, please sign up here:
Why Read 20 Minutes at Home?
Why read 20 minutes at home?
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Parent Lending Library