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Welcome to the library!


The library is full of books with great stories and books filled with facts and information. We hope everyone finds something to get excited about here.


Every student at La Vergne Primary receives a library card. The cards are kept in the library so that they are always available when your child comes to the library. We begin checking out books after talking about book care. Please, help us reinforce the following book care guidelines:



  • Keep your book in your backpack when you’re not reading it!
  • Always have clean hands when reading your book!
  • Do not eat or drink near your book! Please do not put water bottles, fruit, or any other food in your backpack because that could damage your library book.
  • Never write or draw in a book!
  • Keep your book away from your pets, especially dogs!
  • Little brothers and sisters don’t know book care rules! Please don’t let them have your book.
  • Use a flat bookmark to mark your place; this helps take care of the book’s spine.
  • Bring the book to the library for repairs! Send the book back to the library if it is accidentally damaged. Library staff will fix it with special library tools.
  • Please, don’t try to fix a torn page yourself!
  • Bring the book back when it’s due so you can check out a new one!When your child checks out a book, it must be returned before another book can be checked out. Please take the book out at home and read and talk about it with your child, but always put it back in the backpack when you are finished. Students should keep their library books in their backpacks when they are not reading them, not only to keep them safe, but to also ensure they know where the book is and can get it any time needed. If they get into this habit, they will always have their library book at school on library day.